Sosialisasi dan Pendampingan Penyusunan Laporan Keuangan Kepada Ibu Ibu Dasa Wisma Kampung Gedang


  • Mujennah STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin
  • Nurul Hayati STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin


Socialization, Assistance in The Preparation of Financial Statements, Dasa Wisma in RT.01 Gedang Village


Community Service is a bridge for lecturers to help the community (Home Industries) in accelerating the recovery of the national economy affected by COVID 19.  The National Economic Recovery Program (PEN) 2021 allocates a budget ceiling of Rp 63.84 trillion for the support of Home Industries, corporations, including State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs).  Sri Mulyani said that in the event that Home Industries and corporations are distributed in several programs, among others, regular interest subsidies for people's business loans (KUR), financing support to Home Industries, and financing reserves for the National Econometrics Recovery ( 2021). With this, it is expected that Home Industries for Dasa Wisma mothers in RT.01 gedang village, central Banjarmasin subdistrict, Banjarmasin city is expected to participate in the restoration of the national economy and make use of Home Industries facilities that have been rolled out by Sri Mulyani. Banjarmasin sub-district is through socialization and assistance in the preparation of financial statements to the mothers of Dasa Wisma. In the implementation of the process of preparing financial statements, Dasa Wisma mothers in RT.01 gedang village, central Banjarmasin subdistrict, Banjarmasin city often face obstacles in making accountability reports in the form of monthly and annual financial statements. The purpose of this devotion is an understanding of the importance of accounting in daily life, providing knowledge and training to present simple financial reports for Dasa Wisma mothers, so that they can make financial statements independently. Research method is to use the workshop system that is to use tools such as the delivery of materials in oral form and the division of power point slides in the form of paper and continued with the question-and-answer interaction system between participants and resource persons.


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