Jurnal Pengabdian Aceh https://jpaceh.org/index.php/pengabdian <p>Jurnal ini merupakan jurnal pengabdian yang bersifat terbuka kepada semua pengabdi dari semua disiplin ilmu. Semua artikel yang dipublikasikan di jurnal ini berasal dari kegiatan pengabdian dan belum dipublikasikan di tempat lain yang memiliki ISSN atau ISBN. Kegiatan pengabdian bisa berbentuk <em>soft program</em> dan bisa juga jenis kegiatan fisik.</p> ISEI Aceh en-US Jurnal Pengabdian Aceh 2798-3986 Peningkatan Produktivitas Sapi Potong Melalui Pemberian Silase Ransum Komplit Berbasis Sumber Daya Pakan Lokal di Kabupaten Aceh Besar https://jpaceh.org/index.php/pengabdian/article/view/209 <p><em>The purpose of this activity is expected that farmers can make quality rations from locally available feed ingredients to increase livestock productivity. The method used to solve problems and achieve these goals is the method of lecture, discussion, question and answer, practice, and demonstration. The results of this activity indicate an increase in farmers' knowledge of making complete ration silage, which is of better quality and is preferred by livestock. It was concluded that the approach method used through training, discussion, question and answer, practice, and demonstration in this activity had succeeded in achieving its objectives with indicators that the training participants had new knowledge in making complete ration silage which had better quality</em><em>.</em></p> Samadi Fitrah Khairi Ilham Sugito Copyright (c) 2023 2023-03-07 2023-03-07 3 1 28 34 Peningkatan Kesadaran Masyarakat Dalam Berinvestasi Pasar Modal Melalui Sekolah Pasar Modal di Gampong Lamgapang https://jpaceh.org/index.php/pengabdian/article/view/208 <p><em>This Community Service Program aims to strengthen economic literacy through digital transformation to create an inclusive economy in Lamgapang Village </em><em>Krueng Barona Jaya</em><em> District, and</em><em> Aceh Besar District, Aceh Province. One of the main activities is by holding a Capital Market School activity consisting of level 1 and level 2 for the villager of Lamgapang. The purpose of this Capital Market School activity is to provide appropriate education regarding the types of investment instruments, introduce stock investments and increase awareness that stock investment is easy and affordable for all people so that people have the provisions to maintain their financial resilience in the future. This activity collaborates with the Indonesia Stock Exchange by carrying out a lecture learning method and an open interactive session for participants. The results from this activity show that there is better knowledge related to capital market instruments in Indonesia for the community in Lamgapang Village so that it becomes the essential capital for the community to start investing directly in the capital market in Indonesia Stock Exchange.</em></p> Farid Fahlevi Muhammad Zaki Mubarak Mahmuda Zahara Muhammad Khalis Setiawan Fajar Hidayat Farah Najwa Alia Nur Aidar Zulkifli Ernawati Asri Diana Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-11 2023-02-11 3 1 91 96 Sosialisasi Panduan Berpuasa Bagi Penderita Penyakit Paru dan Kelainan Saluran Napas https://jpaceh.org/index.php/pengabdian/article/view/207 <p><em>Ramadan fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam and is required of all Muslims worldwide. However, fasting causes several changes in the body's metabolism, so specific preparations are required for those with lung and respiratory problems before fasting to prevent hazardous conditions. Muslims who fast undoubtedly have a range of lung health issues. Some lung conditions, like tuberculosis, asthma, and COPD, call for constant medication usage. People with pulmonary or respiratory diseases must pay close attention to their dietary restrictions, exercise regimens, and prescription schedules when fasting. This is performed to alleviate problems and illnesses worsening during fasting. This community service project aims to improve the community's awareness and comprehension of how to take routine medicine and engage in safe physical exercise while fasting, especially among the patients of Dr. Zainoel Abidin Banda Aceh.</em></p> Budi Yanti Eka Adhiany Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-11 2023-02-11 3 1 86 90 Packaging Design, Standardization, and Halal Certification of Honey Products in Dokan Village in Increasing Sales https://jpaceh.org/index.php/pengabdian/article/view/206 <p><em>This community service aims to create attractive honey product packaging designs, assist in product standardization in the production process and work standards, and complete the required documents for submitting product certification to obtain a halal certificate from LPPOM MUI. The proposing team implemented the implementation by conducting a pre-survey of Dokan Village. The implementation method applied to partners includes designing honey product packaging to make it more attractive, arranging distribution permits and halal certification, and marketing the product. This service produces product packaging consisting of two variants. It has informative stickers and produces permits from a Business Permit Number (NIB), Home Industry Processed Food Production Fulfillment Certificate (SPP-IRT), and halal product certification. Partners are expected to play a more active role in paying attention to and maintaining the quality of the products produced and their processes so that this does not become an obstacle in similar activities or the continuation of subsequent activities.</em></p> Raina Linda Sari Syarif Fauzi Sukma Hayati Hakim Haroni Doli Hamoraon Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-11 2023-02-11 3 1 81 85 Pengembangan Aplikasi Sistem Informasi Keuangan Usaha Kecil (SIKUK) Terhadap Modul Manufaktur Pada Unit Usaha Binaan Dayah/Pesantren https://jpaceh.org/index.php/pengabdian/article/view/205 <p><em>This community service aims to develop</em><em> a </em><em>financial reporting system for small businesses</em><em> in dayah or Islamic boarding school’s business unit.&nbsp; So far, it has been found, especially in Banda Aceh, that dayah manually manages business units. Therefore, designing a Financial Statement application that is User Friendly and follows Financial Accounting Standards (SAK) is necessary. This community service developed a Financial Statement Application that had been designed previously and labeled as SIKUK (Small Business Financial Information System). The development of this application contains manufacturing modules that can be used for manufacturing businesses. The target of this activity is the Dayah business unit in Banda Aceh, with a business scale that is categorized as minor. Collection of proof of transactions, training, and assistance in preparing the Financial Statements of dayah business units. The method is outlined in activities consisting of the Preparation of financial Standard operating procedure, Collection of transaction evidence to be inputted in the application, design of the Financial Statement application, Trials, training on the use of applications, input transactions in the application, preparation of financial reports, monitoring, and evaluation of application performance.</em></p> Evi Mutia Evayani Rahmawaty Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-11 2023-02-11 3 1 73 80 Sosialisasi Budidaya Hidroponik Bayam Jepang di Lahan Sempit Gampong Limpok Darussalam Banda Aceh https://jpaceh.org/index.php/pengabdian/article/view/204 <p><em>Abstract socialization activities for hydroponic cultivation need to be disseminated in detail and depth to the Gampong Limpok Darussalam Banda Aceh community. This can improve the Life Skills of the people around the Gampong. In addition to training the community and learning entrepreneurship but also to grow effective and efficient crops, this hydroponic plant cultivation training is expected to be able to train the community's and students' self-reliance and entrepreneurial spirit considering that these hydroponic plants are plants that have the potential to be sold in the market because of their excellent quality for health. Planting with a hydroponic system saves 80% -90% of water use compared to planting on land that is very easily contaminated with animal waste because it is at zero (0) elevation. The hydroponic system has many advantages over conventional farming systems, so it needs to be encouraged in urban and rural communities.</em></p> Edy Fradinata Abdullah Ibnu Khaldun Asri Gani Rusnawati Sanusi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-11 2023-02-11 3 1 68 72 Peningkatan Kompetensi Manajemen Pengelolaan Program Studi https://jpaceh.org/index.php/pengabdian/article/view/203 <p><em>The aim of conducting a workshop on improving the management competency of managing undergraduate study program is to improve the ability to manage undergraduate study program based on SN-Dikti and additional indicators under the potential and uniqueness of each study program management unit and study program. The workshop was carried out using a combination of several methods, including lecture methods, question and answer, discussion, simulation, and practice regarding the participants' understanding of how to prepare a self-evaluation report, including nine standards. The results of the workshop show that most of the workshop participants can understand well the aspects of tridarma of Higher Education contained in SN-Dikti, additional indicators that can be added based on the potential and uniqueness of study programs, strengthening the internal quality assurance system of study program management unit and also understand well all the performances that need to be prepared by study program management unit and study program that related to education, research, and publication, as well as community service which must be well documented then realizing the importance of strengthening the internal quality assurance system (IQAS) of study program management unit, is the most basic strong to improve the quality of external quality assurance system (EQAS) results or accreditation. Based on these results, it is advisable for policymakers to continuously improve the abilities of lecturers and employees involved in IQAS.</em></p> Hafasnuddin M. Shabri Abd. Majid Mukhlis Yunus Syafruddin Chan Mirza Muslim A Djalil Said Musnadi A. Sakir Rahmi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-08 2023-02-08 3 1 60 67 Hospitality Training bagi Pemuda Karang Taruna Desa Wisata Dokan https://jpaceh.org/index.php/pengabdian/article/view/202 <p><em>The problem currently faced by the Dokan village community is the need for in-depth knowledge about hospitality and several cultural factors that do not fully support the tourism atmosphere in the village. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct hospitality training to encourage a conducive tourism climate. Training is carried out through lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on practice. This training activity is expected to foster excellent tourism services from the village community, integrating with the bargaining power of natural and cultural tourism inherent in this village. It is recommended that the spirit of hospitality that has already been built is maintained continuously, with regular monitoring and evaluation, so that various obstacles in its implementation can be detected more quickly. Improvements can be made in the future.</em></p> Arif Rahman Monika Andrasari Dewi Ratna Sari Simatupang Widya Sartika Hasibuan Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-08 2023-02-08 3 1 53 59 Pelatihan Pelayanan Prima Wirausaha dan Pemasaran Digital: Kelompok UMKM Kecamatan Medan Labuhan https://jpaceh.org/index.php/pengabdian/article/view/201 <p><em>This community service aims to provide understanding to MSMEs about excellent entrepreneurial service. Some things that need to be considered to create excellent entrepreneurial service are maintaining the taste and appearance of the product, maintaining the cleanliness of the product and selling location, accuracy or accuracy in service, the excellent appearance from the seller, and improving the seller's communication skills. Apart from that, these MSME products also need a distribution network and are marketed digitally (online) to increase sales so that MSMEs can grow faster. </em></p> Syukron Arjuna Zaida Rizqi Zainul Freddy Butarbutar Rikawati Ginting Munthe Zuwina Miraza Rahmat Hidayat Andre Suandi Simbolon Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-08 2023-02-08 3 1 46 52 Sosialisasi Sistem Pembayaran Elektronik (QRIS) dan Pecahan Uang Kertas Tahun Emisi (TE) 2022 Kepada Masyarakat Desa Lampeunurut https://jpaceh.org/index.php/pengabdian/article/view/200 <p><em>The socialization of the Electronic Payment System was carried out for members of the Aceh Creative Village community, Lampeuneurut Village, Darul Imarah District, and Aceh Besar District, Aceh Province. This activity was motivated by the need for more knowledge of the people in the area, which is dominated by middle and lower-class people, related electronic payment systems (QRIS), and the issuance of new banknote denominations. The method used is to hold interactive outreach to participants. The results of this activity added to participants' understanding regarding the issuance of new denominations of money and attracted enthusiasm for using the electronic payment system (QRIS).</em></p> Shaumi Hidayati Miftahul Jannah Fathur Rahman Nurhaqan Yunsan Muhammad Fakhri RN Nanda Rahmi Aliasuddin Chenny Seftarita Taufiq C. Dawood Ferawati Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-08 2023-02-08 3 1 41 45